1. What is the Mokum Suicide Squad?

The Mokum Suicide Squad is a ruthless Amsterdam militia that is proud to defend the power, glory and honor of the beautiful city of Mokum everywhere they go. Want to join us? Everybody who is willing to defend the power, glory and honor of Mokum is free to join us. No matter your race, gender or religion. Just buy one of our shirts or sweaters.

2. I live outside the Netherlands and I don’t have a Dutch bank account, can still buy a shirt or sweater?

Yes you can. We accept payments through paypal and ship (almost) all over the world.

3. Do I need to pay any custom/ import taxes when my shirt or sweater arrives?

We will send your shirt or sweater as a gift to avoid custom duties. However, we have no control over actions taken by any customs department.

4. How can I track my order?

Only orders outside of The Netherlands can be tracked. After the shirt or sweater is shipped we will send you a tracking number by email . Costumers can track their order at POSTNL. Orders within The Netherlands are being shipped by regular post without a tracking number.

5. How long will my shipping take?

All items ship out within 48 hours. Delivery within the Netherlands will take 24 hours. Shipment to all other parts of the world will take between 1-10 business days, depending on the country.